Cultivar: E.C. Shaw

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E.C. Shaw
Acquired: 1924 |  APS Rating: 9.1

1921-B014:10 Symposium II rating: 9.4 1923-SPN:345 Read more

Cultivar Group: Paeonia lactiflora
Introduced: 1944
Breeder: Glasscock
Country of Origin: USA
Form: Double
Color - Authentic: pink

Updated February 9, 2016

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This cultivar is owned by
Nichols Arboretum
Historical Significance:

1921-B014:10 Symposium II rating: 9.4


Historical Color:

No information

Scent - Historical:

No information

Historic information about this cultivar includes published information courtesy of the American Peony Society.



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History of the Garden

In 1922 the Regents of the University of Michigan appropriated $2,000 to establish the Peony Garden at the Nichols Arboretum.
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