Nichols Arboretum

1610 Washington Hts.
48104 Ann Arbor , MI
United States
Michigan US
(734) 647-7600
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Throughout Nichols Arboretum you'll find many special places and points of interest beyond the peony garden. The "Arb," as it's called by locals, has extensive but dispersed collections of native and exotic trees and shrubs crafted into a naturalistic landscape begun by O. C. Simonds in 1907. As you explore you'll find one of the richest landscapes in the region, as well as a complex glacial topography that presents vast panoramas, broad valleys, and intimate dales and glens. To read more about the Arb visit the Nichols Arboretum information page on the Matthaei-Nichols website.

The peony garden is most easily accessed using the 1610 Washington Hts. entrance but you may begin your visit at any of the Arb’s three entrances:

Geddes Avenue - Wrought-iron gates at the very highest point in the Arb mark the Geddes entrance, which offers commanding views.

1610 Washington Heights - Across from the U-M hospitals and adjacent to the James D. Reader Jr. Urban Environmental Education Center. At the Reader Center you'll find restrooms, water, a library, visitor guides with maps, and a sitting room. The Center is open to the public and staffed Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.

River Entry - Off Nichols Dr. below the hospital main entrance

A network of trails invites visitors to wander through the Arb, but the way out is easy even without a map. If you've walked downhill to the river, follow the river road upstream to the River Entry. Likewise, if you're not near the river or don't wish to exit by the River Entry, just follow the drives and trails uphill along the valleys and you'll thread your way to either the Washington Heights or Geddes Street entrance.