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Peony Organizations and Links

These links are based on activities of the Peony Garden Initiative or contain information of interest to our readers. Their listing is not an endorsement by the University of Michigan.


Peony Societies - North America

Find one near you and join in the fun! There is no current peony society in Michigan. If you'd like to organize or join it as it forms, please click here. There are additional peony societies in North America - check with the American Peony Society and Canadian Peony Society links (below).



North American Plant Collections Consortium - Peonies

The American Public Garden Association coordinates a voluntary association of public gardens and institutions committed to maintaining living reference collections. In North America, the two gardens founding the peony consortium are the University of Michigan Nichols Arboretum and the Scott Arboretum of Swarthmore College. Additional information can be found here.


Peony Societies - Beyond North America


Commercial Growers - North America

Many members of our Peony Advisory Board  are also commercial growers in diverse parts of the United States and Canada. Here are links to their websites.


The web has many additional nurseries offering historic, heritage, and modern peonies. Those that publicize through the American Peony Society or the Canadian Peony Society are respected. 

  • If there are many vendors: you are in luck!
  • If there is only one vendor, or just a few: confirm with them that the plant is available and that it can be shipped to you (note for USA addresses: importation to the USA from overseas may not be feasible.)
  • If there are no vendors: many heritage peonies are not commercially available - anywhere in the world. You may wish to join a peony society to find out more from fellow peony-lovers, including non-commercial sources of unusal peonies as plant exchanges, etc.


Other Peony and Historic Plant Websites or Sites of Interest to Our Readers